Acne is one of the discomforts worse than many people experience in adolescence, and we often mistake thinking this is a unique and exclusive status of this stage. Still, the truth is that it has nothing to do with age and can be reached to experiment also when you are an adult. The acne at this stage is usually the result of a hormonal imbalance or given a bad case of care skin, especially by bad habits of everyday life, that can increase the risk of acne such as:

Do not start the morning by drinking coffee.

Research shows that caffeine helps boost metabolism. But these benefits do not mean that the first thing you go for in the morning is a large cup of coffee. When you sleep, it is as if you are fasting. During this time, your body may become dehydrated, especially in winter when the temperature changes and the air are very dry. Drinking coffee as the first drink in the morning makes dehydration worse. For this reason, it is recommended that you drink a few glasses of water in the morning before drinking coffee.

Not wash face properly.

A very common mistake is to wash too much, too little, or with the wrong soap. If you don’t sweat and still wash your face more than twice a day, you run the risk of drying out your skin. In the same way, if you do not clean your face every day, you can cause problems with clogged pores or inflammation.

Unhealthy diet

Biting a sandwich and checking email simultaneously may seem like a win-win game, but eating habits like this and doing multiple things simultaneously. In contrast, eating can lead to serious digestive problems.

To fully digest food, you need to eat in peace. If you eat fast and with stress, you have disturbed the digestive process. This form of eating can also lead to overeating, leading to weight gain and digestive problems. Eating slowly and chewing properly is a good way to solve this problem. In recent years, the relationship between proper nutrition and weight loss, better absorption of nutrients, prevention of overeating, and blood sugar regulation has been identified.

Rubbing the skin of the face too hard

Rubbing the skin of the face with an exfoliate will irritate. In addition to worsening skin texture, rubbing too hard can stimulate the growth of new acne.

To prevent acne, wash with facial cleansing soap and warm water. When washing your face no need to rub too hard. Use your fingers gently by adding a little message to clean the facial skin and smooth blood circulation.

Focusing on the screen of the monitor for the whole day

The screen light of your iPhone and other electrical devices can damage the health of your eyes. Blue light emitted from electronic products is one of the main danger signs of “macular degeneration or yellow spot destruction,” which leads to severe vision loss. Exposure to this light also leads to Digital Eye Strain, which manifests itself in blurred vision, red and dry eyes, and headaches.

After working and focusing on a screen, you need to rest your eyes for a short period of 20 minutes. This break can be as long as 2 to 3 minutes. However, you should not pick up your phone or tablet during this short break and reply to messages. Because by doing so, you have changed only the product you were using, and you are still staring at a digital screen

Exfoliate your skin too much.

Exfoliation is very useful in helping the skin get rid of dead cells and speed up its renewal. However, over-exfoliation can have counterproductive consequences. On the one hand, it can irritate, increase sensitivity, redness, and inflammation; and on the other, it can lead to the appearance of more pimples and pimples. Before exfoliating your skin, consult a dermatologist about the ideal type of exfoliator for your skin type. Remember that a mechanical exfoliation is not the same as a chemical or enzymatic one.

Bottom line

Try to relax for a while, do your hobbies, listen to music, or get regular exercise. These things can increase endorphin hormones in the body that will relieve stress. To keep your skin clean and healthy, immediately stop the habits that can increase the risk of acne. If it is still difficult to deal with acne that appears, consult a specialist to get proper treatment

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